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     Mitali East is renowned as being always good and   perfectly spiced, and for being among the most popular in town for satisfying the adventurous appetites of New Yorkers since 1973. Located in New York City between 1st and 2nd Avenues, Mitali Restaurant serves delicious Indian food at affordable prices. 



2015 March News Flash.

We like to recommend Haveli Banjara Indian Restaurant as an alternative to Mitali East while we look for a place to relocate. Location: 100 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 Phone:(212) 982-0533

2015 March News Flash.

     Alot of people have been asking for more details, You can Click the link below to get more information:
Click Here For Detail Events leading to the loss of the LEASE for MITALI

Febuaray 2015 Mitali News Flash.

     After over 40 years at this location serving our patrons with honor we are saddened to inform our patrons that the restaurant is being forced to close soon. The building has new ownership and we have lost our lease. We have not lost all hope and will try to reopen at another location if possible. We thank all our partons for all their support. and it saddens us to say goodbye.










Mitali East, 334 E 6th street NY, NY 10003 Ph# (212)-533-2508
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